By: Lillie Wright

Cold Foam has taken the nation by storm. First coined by Starbucks in 2018, this fancy beverage addition has die-hard fans flocking to their nearest coffee houses. From matcha to mochas and every drink in between, it’s clear Cold Foam is here to stay. But many people are asking, What is Cold Foam? How is it made? Why do I want it on my drink? We will answer these questions and more as we celebrate the Cold Foam Launch at Bitty and Beau’s Coffee

What Is Cold Foam?

Many hot drinks have their own foam versions, like cappuccinos, but it doesn’t hold up very well to iced beverages like Cold Brew, Iced Lattes, or Nitros. Introducing Cold Foam–the perfect addition to any iced coffee drink. Cold Foam is created by whipping nonfat milk for about twenty seconds until it stabilizes. The result is a smooth, velvety topping that turns any simple coffee drink into a luxurious experience. It’s like whipped cream without the sugar! Baristas use a hand-held milk frother to create the meringue-like topping without heat or steam. Hence the name Cold Foam.

Where Did It Come From?

No exact date exists for the origination of Cold Foam, but its beginnings coincide with the rise of Instagram and layered drinks. Japanese iced beverage companies have used milk foam for years, adding it in heaping mounds onto iced coffees. Starbucks jumped on the bandwagon in 2018, introducing Cold Foam for their iced drinks. The topping was an instant success, and more shops quickly followed suit. Today, coffee shops all over the world offer Cold Foam. Baristas love to experiment with flavored Cold Foams, too. Any flavoring guests add to coffee can be mixed into milk before frothing. Chocolate, Cinnamon, or Vanilla Sweet Cream are just a few creations people have dreamt up. Starbucks even has Matcha Cold Foam. 

Can I Make It At Home?

While there’s nothing like fresh Cold Foam made by professionals, sometimes venturing out into the world is too much. Many online tutorials demonstrate proper Cold Foam techniques and rank the best tools for the job. Handheld milk frothers make you feel like a barista, but a food processor or blender works well, too. Blenders and food processors allow for larger batches of Cold Foam, whereas handheld frothers allow for more precision and control. Flavor enthusiasts buy their syrups online and share recipes for achieving magical combinations. Some recipes call for adding half-and-half or xantham gum, but this should not be necessary for traditional Cold Foam. Starbucks’ Vanilla Sweet Cream calls for extra ingredients like powdered sugar, but most basic recipes only include milk and frothing. Be sure to spoon the foam carefully when transferring it to the final drink; you don’t want to break it!

How Do I Enjoy it?

The best way to enjoy Cold Foam is by drinking it from the side of the cup. Straws reach past the foam, leaving it to melt and separate. Cold Foam has a short retention time, so it’s best enjoyed immediately, similar to whipped cream. Starbucks created its “Cold Foam Lid” while cutting back on straws. The Cold Foam Lid has a larger, triangular opening allowing for both Cold Foam and coffee to mix during drinking. This unique lid differs from its other strawless lid, which has a smaller opening. If you don’t have access to one of these lids, enjoy your Cold Foam the old-fashioned way, straight from the cup. Since it comes on cold drinks, there’s no risk of burning your mouth or scorching your tongue. Some people like mixing Cold Foam into their drink and using it as creamer, while others let it sink slowly, enjoying the flavor journey. Make sure to capture the perfect picture of your Cold Foam creation before it’s gone; Cold Foam was made for Instagram!

So, Why Cold Foam?

While traditional creamer works perfectly well for everyday coffee, sometimes certain drinks call for a little something extra. Cold Foam represents a new frontier in coffee drinking, one where everyone gets to experience the magic of soft, foamy milk, no matter their beverage temperature. Cold Foam is as beautiful as it is versatile and simple enough that anyone can make it. Baristas have created many flavors perfect for every palette and drinks so iconic you might not want to drink them. Cold Foam also represents a merging of flavors and cultures. What started as a Japanese trend took the internet by storm and soon appeared in every type of beverage, from beers to coffee. Every culture has its version of Cold Foam and a way of creating those irresistible bubbles. Next time you find yourself at the coffee bar deciding what to order, take a chance on Cold Foam and add a little luxury to your Bitty and Beau’s Coffee iced latte, mocha, or Americano. Bitty and Beau’s Coffee launches Cold Foam on July 17, 2023. Find a location near you or shop our coffee to get Bitty and Beau’s Coffee delivered right to your door! We can’t ship Cold Foam, but your support helps us create meaningful and competitive employment for people with disabilities. Leave Your Doubt at the Door and try Cold Foam today!