Meet Some Of Our Crew

We have over 120+ employees and managers working at Bitty & Beau‘s Coffee so it‘s hard to feature them all. We post a couple of crew members every couple of weeks, so check back often to meet someone new!

Bitty & Beau's Employee: Matt

Hi! I'm Matt

“I love working with our amazing team! We work hard and enjoy a great positive energy. I’ve loved it since day one because of all of the great vibes!”

Bitty & Beau's Employee: Jesse

Hi! I'm Jesse

“My job gives me confidence and helps me grow as a person. My job brings me joy and happiness.”

Bitty & Beau's Employee: Stephanie

Hi! I'm Stephanie

“I like working at Bitty & Beau’s Coffee because I have new friends. I also make delicious frappes & cappuccinos.”

Hi! I'm Trevor

“I love my job because I feel famous. My favorite part is dancing to Justin Beiber.”