A big welcome to Rowing athletes and spectators! Bitty & Beau’s is proud to be joining the Waco Rowing Center for this awesome event! If you’re an athlete, look for your free Bitty & Beau’s hot coffee starting at 6am on Sunday in the Referee Tent. If you're a spectator, come to the Registration Gazebo at 7am for a free sample of Bitty & Beau’s tasty cold brew. And if you’d like to see some of our merchandise, come to the Spectator Tent any time after 9am. Best of all, plan to visit us at 110 Franklin Avenue, where you’ll find a full menu and lots of merchandise, dance parties and karaoke sing-a-longs, and the best employees with disabilities that will put a smile on your face. Bitty & Beau’s is the Happiest Place in Waco! (Just check out our reviews!)